Directorate of Logistics


As part of the Operational General Staff (E.M.O.), its mission is participating in the planning and conduction of military operations in the field of Logistics in order to facilitate the exercise of command and control, decision-making, and the issuance of orders at the strategic level.

Powers and Responsabilities:

      • Advising the Chief of Operational General Staff in the Strategic Operational Direction in the field of Logistics;
      • Directing the integration of military strategic plans and annexes of the Operational General Staff for Homeland Defense, Internal Defense, and Support to other State Bodies;
      • Leading the preparation of plans, directives, instructions, and other documents to operationalize military strategic plans;
      • Managing the development of the joint strategic capabilities plan;
      • Supervising the follow-up and evaluation of the fulfillment of military strategic planning;
      • Supervising the updating of information related to the area of ​​its competence in the command and control system;
      • Guiding the preparation of the PAPP of the logistics department;
      • Other powers and responsibilities assigned by the higher hierarchical level.
Acción cívica Binacional Ecuador – Colombia

Acción cívica Binacional Ecuador – Colombia

El sábado 26 de agosto de 2023 en la frontera común Ecuador-Colombia, se realizó la acción cívica binacional en el corregimiento La Victoria de Ipiales, Nariño; donde más de 1600 personas recibieron asistencia médica y actividades de recreación en esta jornada de...