Directorate of Institutional Cooperation


Facilitating exchanges, diplomatic assignments, agreements, understandings, and compliance with domestic and international resolutions through the management of diplomatic missions, agreements, and training abroad in order to strengthen mutual confidence measurements with different countries.

Powers and Responsabilities:

      • Directing the planning of military activities, for military diplomatic missions, military attachés: naval, aerial, deputy, concurrent, and administrative assistants endorsed by the Joint Command Chief;
      • Directing the planning for the training abroad of the military human resource in the field of its competence;
      • Advising in the legal and regulatory procedures not only to the diplomatic organizations of the friendly countries accredited in Ecuador, but also to the body of attachés and administrative assistants;
      • Supervising the military diplomatic management in accordance with the current legal regulations;
      • Supervising and evaluating the compliance of the international representation through the Military Attachés, Deputies, and Administrative Assistants, as well as with the foreigners accredited to the government of Ecuador; and,
      • Supervising the process for managing the diplomatic suitcase.
      • Interinstitutional Relations Plan.
      • Directives and Instructions for the execution of planned activities within the scope of its competence.
      •  Reports on the results obtained from the activities carried out within the scope of its competence.
      • Annual schedule of activities of the body of attachés and military administrative assistants.
      • Monthly and annual reports of the results reached to the agreements, arrangements, understandings with the Ministries of Defense, Armed Forces, and other related organizations at the Regional level.
      • Letter of intent of agreements that unfold the Interinstitutional Relations.
Las FF.AA brindan seguridad al transporte de material Electoral.

Las FF.AA brindan seguridad al transporte de material Electoral.

Las Fuerzas Armadas en apoyo al Consejo Nacional Electoral este miércoles 18 de enero, iniciaron con la entrega de los paquetes electorales a las 5 provincias del oriente del país. Desde la empresa Montgar ubicada en el sector de Pifo, se dará cumplimiento...